Giuliano Mazzuoli watches

To wear a Giuliano Mazzuoli watch means to wear passion and tradition, persistence and devotion, elegance and courage.

Designer Giuliano Mazzuoli with Manometro watch

An original object inspired by the instrument of which it takes its name, it’s a timeless work of contemporary art.

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Il marmo di Michelangelo, l’amore per il design, e la volontà di creare un oggetto che incarni alla perfezione l’energia creativa della sua terra.
Giuliano vi presenta Carrara, il dna di Manometro e una cassa che profuma di Toscana.

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Contagiri is a watch that comes from the fusion of italian creativity and swiss manufacturing know-how to celebrate the motoring world. Innovation and technological research combine to create a jewel that celebrates speed and its control.

Giuliano Mazzuoli’s strong ties to the automotive world could not but leave trace of this adventure.
Trasmissione meccanica is a watch where balance and courage coexist along with strength and stubbornness, the founding characteristics of the spirit of every real racecar driver.