Giuliano Mazzuoli watches

Florentine, and proud of his origins, Giuliano Mazzuoli summarizes the incredible renaissance energy that his city transmits to him in Carrara, a watch in which Michelangelo’s marble coats the case with the DNA of Manometro.

It’s a piece of marble extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in Carrara, only 100 km from Florence, where Michelangelo used to go to personally select the piece to be used to make his masterpieces. The marble from Carrara is universally recognized as the most prestigious marble in the world and it is transformed into an elegant and sophisticated watch.

The marble makes every Carrara watch unique and it comes to life by taking Swiss watchmaking and combining it with traditional Italian workmanship and design.

The marble case, made manually in Italy by master marble workers, houses a high-performance Swiss automatic movement. The ceramic dial is colored blue.

Like all of Giuliano Mazzuoli watches, the strap is inserted directly into the case and it is made in Tuscany in calf-skin leather. It’s a watch that sublimates Giuliano’s Tuscan origins.

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