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Giuliano Mazzuoli

Innovative Italian designer

His innovative vision has found expression in each watch, fused between Italian craftsmanship perfection and contemporary design.

His inspiration draws from Florence, cradle of culture and beauty, and infuses his watches with a soul that goes beyond the simple measurement of time.


Giuliano Mazzuoli lives and works on the hills that surround Florence. He discovered design when he was older. In this activity Mazzuoli has experienced success several times starting from his first work in the design of agenda books followed by notebooks with lines that were curved or inclined and then his writing instrument with an original and fun design.


Every detail of Giuliano Mazzuoli’s creations summarizes the legacy of the master craftsmen and the innovative and contemporary vision of the Florentine designer, a synthesis that combines the clean lines of post-industrial design with Italian creativity.


Every aspect of his adventurous life is a source of inspiration for Giuliano; from his experience as a pilot and a lover of mechanical workshops, Trasmissione Meccanica was born, a watch that boldly synthesizes all his passion for engines.

“What is more beautiful than mechanics? I take elements designed for their function without regard to their aesthetics. There was a time when I would often look at a car’s disassembled transmission and, as it was being reassembled, look forward to taking it for a ride. Today I see it differently. I see it so differently that I take inspiration from mechanical parts and turn them into a watch.” Giuliano


His passion for his land, a bond that stems from the heart of Florence and embraces all of Tuscany, leads him to tackle its white gold, white marble, which under the guidance of Giuliano’s creativity and desire to dare gives life to Carrara, a watch, an icon of true made-in-Italy style.

Giuliano Mazzuoli’s powers of observation, his belief that ideas naturally reach out to those who are listening, reach their zenith with his famous “Manometro” watch, which was born while observing the pressure gauge in the family printing shop.

Fascinated by its simplicity, functionality and readability, Giuliano decided to reinterpret this mechanical instrument in the form of a wristwatch. To test his idea for a period he wore his non-functioning prototype, and after gathering positive reviews and requests for this creation of his, the Manometro officially came to life.

The Manometer quickly became an icon in the watchmaking world for its unique and innovative design, celebrating the beauty of simple and functional things, the kind that Giuliano continues to love.

Giuliano Mazzuoli

Many call him architect, and he responds “I do not have a degree, and please do not put a title in front of my name.” This is Giuliano Mazzuoli who for more than seventy years has lived and worked in the hills around Florence. He says that he discovered design when he was older…


Via Leonardo da Vinci 118/3
50028 Barberino Tavarnelle
Firenze – Italy

IVA: IT 05411380487
REA: FI 544813

Codice Fiscale e N. Iscrizione reg. imprese: FI 05411380487

Capitale sociale: € 10.000,00 i.v.

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