Giuliano Mazzuoli watches


Manometro Italia Rinuova is inspired by the motto that was created for Lorenzo the Magnificent after the Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478: ‘Le temps revient. ‘Time is renewed.’ Lorenzo, just like the evergreen laurel which grows even more luxuriantly after being pruned, would continue the Medici dynasty with even more vigor, restoring peace and prosperity. Hence the inspiration to reinterpret the Manometro Italia linking it to history and the concept of time that is continually renewed.

The Italian flag that enriches the case is first engraved and then is enameled one color at a time by Giuliano’s skillful hands. The carrure of the watch is rectified evenly and then polished to create a decoration that is reliable and resistant. Made with care and dedication, this detail becomes a declaration of love by Giuliano to Italy.


The elegant strap is handcrafted in Tuscan leather and is available in two colors that recall the national colors of our country: Portofino Sky-Blue and Capri Blue. In the box you will find an extra strap in natural leather to use in every season.

The dial is available in two different colors: white and blue with Arabic numerals, hour and minute hands with a line of luminescent material, and the red seconds hand has an arrow at the top.

The robust cylindrical case is in stainless steel and houses a mechanical automatic movement calibre ETA 2824. On the side of the case is the detail that characterizes this Manometro: a precious Italian flag that is engraved and enameled as a declaration of love by Giuliano to Italy. Manometro Italia Rinuova is a special edition and limited to only 25 pieces.


Giuliano Mazzuoli’s creativity is constantly stimulated by ideas that combine passion for design and craftsmanship that characterize the entire product line.

Viva l’Italia!